Need to Know Info: Facebook Posts and Rising to the Algorithmic Top of News-Feeds.

Are you a Content Spammer? Frequent Poster? Brand? Social Influencer? Facebook User?
Everyone on Facebook is going to be effected by the Facebook Algorithm changes, with a focus on audience control and “interesting posts” the new changes are set to shake up all Facebook posts and News-Feeds.

4 Points of Focus.

1. Friends and Family Come First
Friends comments, likes and posts will appear top of feed, similarly their “shared” posts will also be driven to the top of audiences News Feeds.

2. Audience Need to Feel Informed.
Content will be required to have a stronger sentiment and should be focused on evoking emotions rather than funneling audiences to “buy” or view your website links.

3. Be Entertaining
Audiences are on Facebook to be entertained as much as they are there to connect with friends, similarly to informing audiences your content must entertain their interests otherwise they won’t want to connect or share with what you publish.

4. Audiences Control The Feed 
“Unfollow”, “Hide” and “See first” are both exciting and scary factors which will change the way in which content is displayed and shown on audiences News Feeds.

Why the focus on audience choice is Exciting and Scary all at once.

– Audiences who want to connect with your brand will now be able to label your content as “see first” and also do this with their friends making viral content or connective posts much more valuable in order to gain both followers and build audience members.

– One mistake can lead audience members to “hide” or “unfollow” all of your posts. Did we mention ALL OF YOUR POSTS? Offending can lead to the death of audience members, poorly timed or misunderstood posts/jokes are now also garnering the ability to strike down audience numbers.

– Bad content is more likely to go viral and audience shares have a larger impact then ever before.

TLDR; Facebook Users and Brands need to focus on “Share-ability”, due to algorithmic changes posts that will be the highest ranked and will spend the most time on the News Feed will be ones that audiences “want”, this means targeting similar “likes” “shares” and “comments” will be integral to the virality content. This also means that tragedies, large events and impactful news stories will yield the largest benefit in terms of News-Feed cut through for Facebook strategy.



Why should anyone care about LinkedIn?

The merge of Microsoft’s 1 Billion Users with Professional Networking giant LinkedIn’s 433 Million users sets to enhance and evolve the way in which LinkedIn is utilized. With a 9% increase, the average unique visiting members per month has grown to over 105 million and interacting with this growing space will be key to succeeding within the professional world. Despite the increase in unique visitors LinkedIn members still have to remain professional on their profiles.

A few key elements to remember when interacting and posting on LinkedIn include but are not limited to:

– Communicate in a professional manner (Little to no swearing, minimal slang unless industry relevant)
– Acknowledge your audiences communication and maintaining quick replies.
– Keep images safe for work and relevant to your professional network
– Posting industry relevant information
– Avoid spamming your network like the plague

– Use the wrong photo
– Treat LinkedIn like your personal Facebook or Instagram
– Ask people to endorse your skills
– Be afraid to connect with co-workers
– Try to connect with every user you see on LinkedIn

Instagram Cheat Sheet

Instagram is not just about lush images and videos, it’s a dynamic social network with a focus on user engagement and experience.

In order to grow and develop a dedicated audience there are a set of items that MUST be acknowledged before thinking about growing or increasing a following on Instagram:

-Cross Promote on Social Platforms
-Encourage User Engagement
-High Quality Images
-Authentic Images
-Specific Themes

Similarly, these main points should be avoided:

-Over edited images/too many filters
-Spamming audiences with content

-Pixelated or blurry images/videos
-Irrelevant content or images

-Political bias

All of these key elements interact with each-other to create a dynamic and exciting Instagram Profile. A specific theme can be as simple as 3 images in a row that tell a story or as complex as a whole Instagram Profile being used to tell a story with images, videos and captions created. When a theme is then combined with High Quality images which appear candid and captions which invite audiences to comment or interact, a stronger bond between the Content Producers and Audiences is achieved.


Due to recent changes in the Instagram Algorithm maintaining high levels of audience engagement will enable posts to be featured and keeps them at top of mind, increasing frequency and reach of posts by simply engaging with audiences in comment sections of uploaded images. Creating “Call to Action” content will be a key driving force and facilitator for communication between audience and content creators. The incorporation of this content style should be integrated into the current theme or a separate theme should be created around this content and cross platformed with Facebook, Twitter or other social sites to ensure maximum reach.

The Do’s and Don’ts of the Twitter-Sphere

Twitter Audiences can be fierce and fiery, here’s some Do’s and Don’ts when trying to tame the wild beast which is the Twitter-Sphere. 

Keep it short.
Twitter is 140 characters for a reason, don’t over-complicate your message.

Be interactive.
Retweet, Like, Comment, DM with your audience, don’t treat them as though they are passive.

Retweet relevant content.
Align your Twitter with your audience, get them excited about the things you are excited about and what you stand for.

Create a real voice for your brand.
Retweet and Comment on things that directly relate with your brand or pages ideas, don’t try to fake it to gain followers, be yourself and they will come.

Communicate with a diverse range of audiences.
Don’t be afraid to branch out to a different audience if you feel what you’re saying is relevant or interesting to them.


Overthink when and what to post.
Your audience wants an authentic page, something that is run by a human, mistakes are okay as long as they are rectified.

Use irrelevant hashtags.
Your audience will vilify you and so will the audiences who’s hashtag you’ve used incorrectly, avoid the burn of an angry audience and remain relevant to their interests.

Ignore your audience.
Your audience is following you for a reason, don’t leave their questions unanswered no matter how mundane they may seem, every comment is a chance to engage with your audience.

Retweet everything.
Again your page needs to be engaging and relevant to the people who follow you and what you retweet should align with your own pages beliefs and ideas.

Be a robot.
Audiences know if your post has been scheduled and when your post is just automated without any real sentiment, connect with your followers, they want to hear about the REAL YOU.

Posters Beware, Facebook Audience Can be Unkind

Online audience are notorious for being unpredictable, however there are some guidelines that will ensure your wider Facebook audience stays happy with your page.

Avoid Politics

Unless you operate a news page or produce social commentary it’s probably a good idea to avoid getting too political because it isolates all of your audience who doesn’t feel the same way politically.

Avoid Old News

Content is key and old news is old news, it’s 2016 and the turnover rates for content is becoming increasingly fast, this years Water Bottle Flip will be next weeks Ice Bucket Challenge. Stay up to date and produce content that your audiences are consuming NOW rather than looking back on thinking how it was actually a thing.

Low Quality Images and Video

There is no excuse for blurry images and pixelated videos in 2016. High quality content needs to be matched with crisp high quality supporting images and videos and this is increasingly important when the image or video is the content.


Forgetting About Your Audience

So you have Good Content, Crisp Images and you’ve avoided Politics, but have you forgotten about your audience? Your Content and Images need to relate to what your audience wants, you can produce incredible scientific articles but if you’re posting them from a Woman’s Weekly Facebook page you might have missed an opportunity and lost some valuable audience members.


Ignoring Negative Comments

Your audiences sentiment is key to knowing how they feel about your content and about your Facebook page, Facebook isn’t a one way communication method it requires active communication and if your audience is reacting negatively to your page a direct message or reply is essential in resolving any issues without audience members retaining a sour feeling towards the page.


Understand Facebooks Trends to Unlock Your Own Potential


Know your audience

With over 15,000,000 users as of May 2016 in Australia alone there is no doubt that audiences will be varied. Knowing your specific audience or who you want to target is the first key to the success of your Facebook page and leading audiences to want to connect with you.


Live Video a Must

Users seek interaction and the feeling that they matter to brands, the easiest way to do that is through the comment section of Facebook and with the introduction of Live Videos audiences are able to further connect with who they follow. Letting audiences know when you’re going live is a must, along with a catchy headline and individual interactions with commenters whilst the broadcast is going.


Relevant Content

There is no use creating and promoting content that isn’t relevant to your audience and they know what they want, otherwise they wouldn’t be following you. By following the comments, sentiments and the likes that audiences are putting out tailored content becomes so much easier. With the introduction of the “Trending” section on Facebook you literally get a cheat sheet to what’s relevant to the majority of Australian Facebook users and aligning content with these bursts of user interactions can increase both reach and increase audience loyalty.


Memes, Short Non-Sound Videos and Millennials?

85% of Facebook videos produced by Millennial news site Mic are being played without sound. Facebook’s auto-play video system doesn’t require sound to play and social media consumers can’t be bothered to turn up when it comes to videos unless the content is so good they want to re-watch it. This has led to an increase in caption heavy videos without the need for sound so the visual content needs to be engaging to keep audiences interested. 15-30 seconds or less is the perfect amount of time for these specific types of videos to avoid repetition or boredom with the content.


Encourage Engagement

Drive interaction by sparking debates among your audience, this can be done through a simple text, image or even video post. Asking audiences to share a post or share an opinion through the comment section audiences feel invited to join a conversation. As a Facebook page or brand facilitating conversation will be key and maintaining an active not passive engagement with your audience will make them feel like valued members of your brand and that their opinion matters to you.