Instagram Cheat Sheet

Instagram is not just about lush images and videos, it’s a dynamic social network with a focus on user engagement and experience.

In order to grow and develop a dedicated audience there are a set of items that MUST be acknowledged before thinking about growing or increasing a following on Instagram:

-Cross Promote on Social Platforms
-Encourage User Engagement
-High Quality Images
-Authentic Images
-Specific Themes

Similarly, these main points should be avoided:

-Over edited images/too many filters
-Spamming audiences with content

-Pixelated or blurry images/videos
-Irrelevant content or images

-Political bias

All of these key elements interact with each-other to create a dynamic and exciting Instagram Profile. A specific theme can be as simple as 3 images in a row that tell a story or as complex as a whole Instagram Profile being used to tell a story with images, videos and captions created. When a theme is then combined with High Quality images which appear candid and captions which invite audiences to comment or interact, a stronger bond between the Content Producers and Audiences is achieved.


Due to recent changes in the Instagram Algorithm maintaining high levels of audience engagement will enable posts to be featured and keeps them at top of mind, increasing frequency and reach of posts by simply engaging with audiences in comment sections of uploaded images. Creating “Call to Action” content will be a key driving force and facilitator for communication between audience and content creators. The incorporation of this content style should be integrated into the current theme or a separate theme should be created around this content and cross platformed with Facebook, Twitter or other social sites to ensure maximum reach.


Author: zebhellosocial

I'm a 20 Year old student with a passion for social media evolution and evolutionary communication. I love all things digital and find inspiration in the growth and progression of brands both small and large.

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