Why should anyone care about LinkedIn?

The merge of Microsoft’s 1 Billion Users with Professional Networking giant LinkedIn’s 433 Million users sets to enhance and evolve the way in which LinkedIn is utilized. With a 9% increase, the average unique visiting members per month has grown to over 105 million and interacting with this growing space will be key to succeeding within the professional world. Despite the increase in unique visitors LinkedIn members still have to remain professional on their profiles.

A few key elements to remember when interacting and posting on LinkedIn include but are not limited to:

– Communicate in a professional manner (Little to no swearing, minimal slang unless industry relevant)
– Acknowledge your audiences communication and maintaining quick replies.
– Keep images safe for work and relevant to your professional network
– Posting industry relevant information
– Avoid spamming your network like the plague

– Use the wrong photo
– Treat LinkedIn like your personal Facebook or Instagram
– Ask people to endorse your skills
– Be afraid to connect with co-workers
– Try to connect with every user you see on LinkedIn


Author: zebhellosocial

I'm a 20 Year old student with a passion for social media evolution and evolutionary communication. I love all things digital and find inspiration in the growth and progression of brands both small and large.

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