Posters Beware, Facebook Audience Can be Unkind

Online audience are notorious for being unpredictable, however there are some guidelines that will ensure your wider Facebook audience stays happy with your page.

Avoid Politics

Unless you operate a news page or produce social commentary it’s probably a good idea to avoid getting too political because it isolates all of your audience who doesn’t feel the same way politically.

Avoid Old News

Content is key and old news is old news, it’s 2016 and the turnover rates for content is becoming increasingly fast, this years Water Bottle Flip will be next weeks Ice Bucket Challenge. Stay up to date and produce content that your audiences are consuming NOW rather than looking back on thinking how it was actually a thing.

Low Quality Images and Video

There is no excuse for blurry images and pixelated videos in 2016. High quality content needs to be matched with crisp high quality supporting images and videos and this is increasingly important when the image or video is the content.


Forgetting About Your Audience

So you have Good Content, Crisp Images and you’ve avoided Politics, but have you forgotten about your audience? Your Content and Images need to relate to what your audience wants, you can produce incredible scientific articles but if you’re posting them from a Woman’s Weekly Facebook page you might have missed an opportunity and lost some valuable audience members.


Ignoring Negative Comments

Your audiences sentiment is key to knowing how they feel about your content and about your Facebook page, Facebook isn’t a one way communication method it requires active communication and if your audience is reacting negatively to your page a direct message or reply is essential in resolving any issues without audience members retaining a sour feeling towards the page.



Author: zebhellosocial

I'm a 20 Year old student with a passion for social media evolution and evolutionary communication. I love all things digital and find inspiration in the growth and progression of brands both small and large.

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