The Do’s and Don’ts of the Twitter-Sphere

Twitter Audiences can be fierce and fiery, here’s some Do’s and Don’ts when trying to tame the wild beast which is the Twitter-Sphere. 

Keep it short.
Twitter is 140 characters for a reason, don’t over-complicate your message.

Be interactive.
Retweet, Like, Comment, DM with your audience, don’t treat them as though they are passive.

Retweet relevant content.
Align your Twitter with your audience, get them excited about the things you are excited about and what you stand for.

Create a real voice for your brand.
Retweet and Comment on things that directly relate with your brand or pages ideas, don’t try to fake it to gain followers, be yourself and they will come.

Communicate with a diverse range of audiences.
Don’t be afraid to branch out to a different audience if you feel what you’re saying is relevant or interesting to them.


Overthink when and what to post.
Your audience wants an authentic page, something that is run by a human, mistakes are okay as long as they are rectified.

Use irrelevant hashtags.
Your audience will vilify you and so will the audiences who’s hashtag you’ve used incorrectly, avoid the burn of an angry audience and remain relevant to their interests.

Ignore your audience.
Your audience is following you for a reason, don’t leave their questions unanswered no matter how mundane they may seem, every comment is a chance to engage with your audience.

Retweet everything.
Again your page needs to be engaging and relevant to the people who follow you and what you retweet should align with your own pages beliefs and ideas.

Be a robot.
Audiences know if your post has been scheduled and when your post is just automated without any real sentiment, connect with your followers, they want to hear about the REAL YOU.


Author: zebhellosocial

I'm a 20 Year old student with a passion for social media evolution and evolutionary communication. I love all things digital and find inspiration in the growth and progression of brands both small and large.

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