Understand Facebooks Trends to Unlock Your Own Potential


Know your audience

With over 15,000,000 users as of May 2016 in Australia alone there is no doubt that audiences will be varied. Knowing your specific audience or who you want to target is the first key to the success of your Facebook page and leading audiences to want to connect with you.


Live Video a Must

Users seek interaction and the feeling that they matter to brands, the easiest way to do that is through the comment section of Facebook and with the introduction of Live Videos audiences are able to further connect with who they follow. Letting audiences know when you’re going live is a must, along with a catchy headline and individual interactions with commenters whilst the broadcast is going.


Relevant Content

There is no use creating and promoting content that isn’t relevant to your audience and they know what they want, otherwise they wouldn’t be following you. By following the comments, sentiments and the likes that audiences are putting out tailored content becomes so much easier. With the introduction of the “Trending” section on Facebook you literally get a cheat sheet to what’s relevant to the majority of Australian Facebook users and aligning content with these bursts of user interactions can increase both reach and increase audience loyalty.


Memes, Short Non-Sound Videos and Millennials?

85% of Facebook videos produced by Millennial news site Mic are being played without sound. Facebook’s auto-play video system doesn’t require sound to play and social media consumers can’t be bothered to turn up when it comes to videos unless the content is so good they want to re-watch it. This has led to an increase in caption heavy videos without the need for sound so the visual content needs to be engaging to keep audiences interested. 15-30 seconds or less is the perfect amount of time for these specific types of videos to avoid repetition or boredom with the content.


Encourage Engagement

Drive interaction by sparking debates among your audience, this can be done through a simple text, image or even video post. Asking audiences to share a post or share an opinion through the comment section audiences feel invited to join a conversation. As a Facebook page or brand facilitating conversation will be key and maintaining an active not passive engagement with your audience will make them feel like valued members of your brand and that their opinion matters to you.





Author: zebhellosocial

I'm a 20 Year old student with a passion for social media evolution and evolutionary communication. I love all things digital and find inspiration in the growth and progression of brands both small and large.

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